What We Do

Every business has a beginning. Dennis Farney founded the company in 2002 and is located in Imperial, Missouri.

Our company is dedicated to the future development of innovative products for the automotive repair technician. Automotive Lift Jackets / Fender Covers were designed, developed, patented, and tested by mechanics with over 40 years combined experience in the automotive repair industry. Our automotive lift jackets are in use at service locations resulting in 100% positive feedback for the protection and comfort they provide.

Safe. Versatile. Multi-Purpose.

Automotive Lift Jackets / Fender Covers (patent pending). Multi-purpose protective safety pads for use in automotive repair facilities.  This versatile product provides two functions on automotive lifts, both as protection against door dings and scratches to the customers' vehicles when attached to the lift frame, and as head protection for the technician when used as lift arms wraps.

Automotive Lift Jacket's thicker padded fender covers prevent damage to the vehicle from tools, belt buckles, etc.  A fourth benefit is that it provides a heat shield when working near radiators and exhaust systems.


Military Grade Specifications

  • Velcro Straps
  • 16" x 34"
  • 1/2" Pad
  • Washable
  • Oil Resistant
  • Fluid Resistant
  • Fire Resistant

Fits All Major Brands of Lifts

The Automotive Lift Jacket is made of tough, durable, oil, fluid, and fire resistant nylon and vinyl covered foam pads with easy on/off velcro straps for attachment to lift arms. This allows for a snug fit on all major lift brands. Automotive Lift Jacket are multi-positional along the length of the lift arm depending on your needs.  Easy on/off application.


OSHA Compliant

Our Automotive Lift Jackets meet OSHA standards.

  • Implement or improve existing saftey programs
  • Develop innovative ways of dealing with occupational safety and health problems
  • As an employer, you must minimize or reduce hazards
  • As an employer, you must make sure that employees have and use safe tools and equipment, including appropriate personal protective equipment Sales and Distribution

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